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Why Us

With over 40 years’ experience working on new builds, difficult sites, complex alterations and earthquake repairs, we’re the Architects in Christchurch to guide you through your project’s many challenges.

We Listen

We’ll take the time to find out what is important to you so we can design a home to suit your lifestyle.

We Understand

That budget is important to you - our processes will give you better control over building costs.

We Care

Your home will be comfortable and healthy, a joy to inhabit with minimal impact on our beautiful environment.

We Will Delight You

We'll craft unique spaces and details that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

We Build Relationships

We'll put together a reliable team of consultants and tradespeople so you'll enjoy the building process

Looking for innovative architecture solutions? Partner with our team of architects in Christchurch, NZ, for future-proof, environmentally-responsible designs.

Our focus lies in residential projects, accommodating various scales and client needs.

Each residential architecture project brings its own set of complexities, whether this be constructing your new home, adding to and upgrading the performance of your existing home, or undertaking repair and maintenance work. With over four decades of experience, we are the architects of choice in Christchurch for effective, tailored solutions that contribute meaningfully to individuals and communities.


Our Commitment to Sustainable Architecture

Sustainability is an integral aspect of our architectural philosophy, deeply embedded in our design process. We prioritise energy-efficient, sustainable architecture solutions and select materials that align with environmental standards and long-term economic viability.

In Christchurch's climate, passive solar techniques are particularly effective. Large roof overhangs can mitigate heat during the peak of summer to prevent overheating. In winter months the sun is at a lower angle so can be captured by heat-retentive surfaces like polished concrete floors, radiating the stored warmth back into the space as temperatures drop in the evening.

In addition to fulfilling client architecture specifications, we uphold a broader commitment to ethical design practices, enhancing overall value and project impact in Christchurch and throughout the South Island of NZ.

Optimising Design Within Constraints

Architecture involves more than simply drawing up plans and constructing buildings. For your project to be a success we need to consider a wide range of factors including planning how to best use your site, how to ensure compliance with building code an dlocal planning regulations, and how to work with your budget. Architects can bring all of these factors together to so that your new home is not only full of inspiring spaces, but is also functional and practical so that it adds real value to your life.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Residential Needs

Our portfolio covers an array of residential projects - from the construction of new homes in Christchurch on challenging sites to complex alterations and earthquake repairs. The cornerstone of our approach is a thorough assessment of your unique needs. Whether you're maximising a small footprint or adapting a heritage home for modern living, we provide targeted, practical solutions.

Addressing Unique Challenges and Goals

Building your first home? Modular and scalable designs can adapt as your needs change over time.

Looking to upgrade or expand? Well-designed solutions can breathe new life into your existing home to accommodate changing family dynamics and make it more comfortable by introducing higher-performance features.

When restoring heritage homes, we should respect the original home’s unique features while still meeting your functional and performance requirements, ensuring that heritage charm is preserved while upgrading for modern lifestyles.

Functional Aesthetics: The Value of Well-Designed Spaces

Design aesthetics should serve functional needs. Whether for passive ventilation, better energy efficiency or layouts that optimise natural light, designs must focus on improving your everyday living experience. Each feature, from the flow of a kitchen to the placement of windows, should be carefully considered to streamline your day-to-day life. Many alteration projects we undertake involve work to relatively new houses that weren’t designed well, and may have issues with overheating due to poor design of windows or shading, or outdoor areas that aren’t used because they are cold and windy. It’s better, and cheaper, to get these things right first time by investing in good design that is ad functional as it is beautiful.

Transparent Process and Detailed Documentation

Clarity and communication are vital for the success of any architecture project. Our process begins with a deep understanding of your specific needs and constraints so we can offer detailed, accurate documentation for a smooth construction phase with minimal unexpected delays.

From Concept to Construction: Architectural Design Simplified

Your home-building experience with us is organised into clear stages for clarity and precision.

Initial Brief

Our architects start by working with you to resolve your project brief, outlining your specific wants and needs. For guidance on creating a robust brief, download the guide from our website - completing this is ideal preparation for our first meeting with you.


We will assess your site's unique characteristics, consult surveyors, and review local council rules to ensure a smooth build process.

Concept Design

Once we have your brief and have completed pre-design research about your site, we can start work on a first concept for your home. This will usually be presented to you in the form of a 3D computer model that you can explore, as well as floor plans to show the layout of the design. The most important thing to us at this stage is that you fully understand the design, so we can use whatever visualisiation methods you find easiest to interpret so that you can give meaningful feedback.

Budget Estimates

Once you're satisfied with the concept, we recommend getting a cost estimate to ensure budget alignment before moving to detailed planning.

Developed Design

We fine-tune room sizes, materials, construction methods and other architectural design elements at this stage, preparing the project for commencement of engineering and construction drawings.

Detailed Planning

This stage focuses on generating detailed construction drawings and specifications, and also liaising with other consultants to compile everything that is needed for construction and building consent. This is the stage that we will spend longest on, so it can be a good time for you to start thinking about your requirements and selections for things like heating, lighting, bathrooms, kitchen and floor coverings.

Contractor Selection and Oversight

We can offer a range of services once we have completed documentation and your project has building consent. These can be tailored to suit your needs and to reflect the amount of assistance you require in dealing with construction work. Key services include obtaining prices form one or more contractors, assisting with preparation of a construction contract between yourself and your contractor, and observation and contract administration services while your home is under construction. These services can help make your build more enjoyable by offloading some of the stressful elements of your project to us, particularly if you don’t have much previous experience with building work.

Your Home

Our structured approach to designing your new home will guide you on the right path at each stage, allowing you to make well-informed decisions that will help you create a home that meets your brief and is tailored to your unique requirements and those of your site.

Architect vs. Designer: Clarifying Roles and Expertise

The terms "architect" and "designer" may seem interchangeable, but they represent distinct roles in NZ design. Architects, specialised designers registered with the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB), undergo extensive education and professional development. Architects are bound by a Code of Ethics and often belong to industry organisations like the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) which provide professional support and development, and access to documents and contracts that are used for most projects.

Design Licensed Building Practitioner is a licencing scheme for designers, but as it is based on competency there is no prerequisite for a tertiary qualification. Design LBP’s have different design classes (1-3) which limit the type of work they can design, as such a client should seek to clarify competencies before engagement. ‘Architectural Designer’ is another term you may find amongst building designers in New Zealand, and is a term generally used to describe LBP’s, who have obtained a tertiary qualification, but have not registered as an architect. A ‘draughtsperson’ will often work as or under LBP’s or alongside Architects on more complex projects, but can have limits on what they can design if working as a solo practitioner.

The differences among these professions are not about skill level, but there can be a difference in respect to what kind of service a designer can offer, and what their qualifications and professions generate in terms of the level of service. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for selecting the right professional for your building project. For more guidance, contact our architects for a no-obligation consultation.

Why Choose Our Team?

Clients choose to work with us because they appreciate that a successful project is not only about creating a beautiful building that you can be proud of. It is important that you are guided through each step of the process so you can understand the design as it evolves, ask questions and give feedback along the way, and know that we will listen to. The end result will be a house that is comfortable and functional and allows you to live the way you want to, somewhere you will love to call home.

Contact us to discuss your architecture vision in Christchurch and throughout the South Island, and let's transform it into a reality that exceeds the sum of its parts.