Core Services

Our core services are divided into the following stages, some or all of which will be applicable to your project. Download our Client Guide to the Architectural Design Process to find out more about each stage.

Pre Design

We spend time gathering information so we can understand the specific requirements of your project before starting work on your design. We will meet with you to find out what is important to you and assist you in finalising your brief. We will also research other information from other sources such as obtaining a topographical survey of your site, researching Council planning rules and property files, and measuring and recording details of your existing house.

Download our Guide to Writing a Brief to find out what you can begin thinking about so you can get the most out of your free consultation.

Concept and Preliminary Design

The benefit of an architectural design is that the entire project will be tailored to suit your requirements. When preparing an initial concept design we will listen to what you have set out in your brief when we make key decisions such as the overall form of the house, position on the site and the layout and size of rooms. We will use drawings and computer models to help you visualise your new home so you can give us feedback before we move on to the next stage.

Developed Design

We continue to work on the design, refining the appearance and layout while taking into account construction methods and materials and detailed information from the structural engineer. A cost estimate is usually presented during this stage so you can make any final changes prior to the documentation being finalised.

Detailed Design and Documentation

We will prepare detailed working drawings and specification suitable for construction, and will put together and lodge the building consent application. Our documentation is prepared to a high standard and is very detailed. We encourage clients to make most decisions and selections at this stage while they have a clear head and plenty of time, rather than being under pressure to make rapid decisions as the construction stage progresses.

Contractor Procurement

We will assist you in obtaining a price for the project, either by negotiating with your preferred builder or tendering the project to several builders for a competitive price. We can prepare a construction contract which is fair and equitable and offers you advantages over contracts that may be suggested by others.

Contract Administration and Observation

As your representative in the construction contract we will attend site meetings to observe representative samples of work and monitor progress, respond to queries from site, process payment claims and undertake detailed inspections on completion of the project. We will communicate clearly with you at all times allowing you to focus on what is important to you without much of the stress usually associated with building.

Optional services (as required)

  • Site analysis and pre-purchase inspections
  • Feasibility studies
  • Colour schemes and selection of finishes
  • Kitchen and bathroom designs
  • Resource Consent applications
  • Scoping damage for earthquake repairs
  • Homestar assessments
  • Weathertightness remediation