Dream Homes

Dream Homes

Building a dream home is often a response to changing life circumstances – perhaps your children have left home, you’ve moved to a new city, found a spectacular site, or maybe you finally have the financial freedom to build exactly what you’ve always wanted. Whatever the reason, it’s a chance to plan for a future where you can live comfortably and without compromise.

Before thinking about how your dream home may look, have you also thought about how it could also transform your lifestyle by solving some of these common problems that you may face in your current home?

  • Spaces that don’t suit your current lifestyle
  • Frequent or difficult maintenance work is costing you time and money
  • Struggling to keep warm in winter or cool in summer
  • Worrying about accessibility now and in the future, particularly for hill properties and multi-level houses
  • No ‘wow’ factor – special spaces or features that make your home a joy to live in.
  • Missing out on new technology, modern fittings and conveniences

We believe that it’s worth taking some time to think carefully about your requirements so you can address all the features that are important to you in a great long-term home. Congratulations on recognising this, and taking the first steps towards building your dream.


Chaplin Crooks listened to our priorities and worked to achieve these while ensuring best opportunities were made of the views. We particularly valued their ability translate our requirements into a functional yet strikingly attractive building, designed to fit in with the tussock flora and volcanic landforms of its hill location.

W & C Bracegirdle, Sumner


Where to begin?

We have a simple process that you can work through to start creating your new home today.

  1. Contact us now to arrange a FREE initial consultation so you can tell us about your project and ask us any questions. Find out what you’ll get from your free consultation.
  2. After our meeting you’ll receive a detailed plan specific to your new home that includes:
    1. A summary of your requirements
    2. A description of the process we will go through to design your new home together.
    3. Processes we will put in place so you can stay in control of your budget.
    4. Several options for architectural services so you can choose a package that suits your needs.
  3. Once you’ve decided which option is right for you the design process can begin – to keep you informed and involved we’ll use a computer model and drawings to ensure you fully understand the design and can give feedback at each stage.
  4. We can also assist with tendering, construction contracts and observation throughout the construction phase, which can help make this time less stressful for you.

Click below to arrange your FREE consultation, and to find out what we’ll cover and how you can prepare. We’ll send you a ‘guide to writing a brief’ booklet that’s full of valuable tips – very useful if you don’t know where to begin!



You may not realise it, but right now is the easiest time to make the major decisions that will determine how happy you feel in your new home. You’d be surprised how many alteration projects we undertake to help out people who have bought or built houses that have been poorly designed and require significant changes to improve their layout and performance. They can end up paying twice to fix problems that could have been avoided the first time around.

This is a clear demonstration of the value of design – by investing in a concept that has been well thought through and is backed up with clear and accurate documentation you know you’ll end up with a comfortable home that will have a smile on your face from the day you first walk through the door.



Chaplin Crooks Architects provided a solution that worked for our trickier hill site, building preferences and budget. On the Port Hills being exposed to the winds can be a major factor to consider; their design took this into account and has allowed it to be less of an issue. We highly recommend them as an architectural team.

A & J Marshall, Otahuna

November 23, 2023
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