Green Home Design

If you’re interested in green architecture in Christchurch then take a look at this case study to see how we have incorporated sustainable design principles and innovative building materials and methods into a modest-sized new home being built in Opawa.

Passive solar design

The layout of spaces and positioning of glazing maximises sun and light in the living and bedroom areas, utilising Christchurch’s sunny winter days for passive heating.

Low-emission pellet burner

Pellet burners burn cleanly with less air pollution than logs, and the pellets are sourced from renewable, sustainable forests making their use carbon neutral.

More insulation

50% thicker framing used for all external walls to allow for thicker insulation in the walls, as well as the added benefit of stronger and straighter walls. Floor edge insulation detailed to avoid any gaps in the thermal envelope.

Natural products

Eco-friendly natural wool insulation made in Christchurch is used in the roof and walls. Sustainably sourced timbers with sustainable forest management certification inside and outside the house.

High performance materials

Windows made with thermally broken aluminium joinery, Argon gas-filled double glazing, laminated glass for UV protection and Low E coating on the glass to reduce heat loss. Electric opening high level windows allow for passive ventilation and cooling.

Innovative building methods

Cross-laminated timber floor structure, prefabricated for fast installation and to make future relocation of the house a possibility. Engineered TC3 foundation built for strength and to allow relevelling in any future earthquake events.

Energy saving

Smart hot water cylinder selected to store water heated during off-peak times, when power is able to be generated with zero carbon emissions. LED lighting throughout reduces energy usage and operating costs.


Interior spaces are designed for ease of accessibility for all users, with wide hallways, turning space for a wheelchair in all rooms, a level entry shower, high power sockets, low light switches and a ramped entry.