Interior Design

Interior Design

Much attention gets given to considering the appearance of the exterior of the house – the cladding, roofline, overall proportions and colours all define how most people will perceive your home. But it’s important that the interior is given the attention it deserves too – after all you’re going to spend much more time experiencing your house from the inside than looking at it from the street, so you’ll benefit from us giving some thought to creating spaces you’ll love spending time in.

As part of our standard architectural design service we’ll consider the basic layout and design of kitchen and bathroom spaces. We can also assist you with the detailed design of these and other spaces if required, or you may prefer to select fittings and finishes yourself or with the assistance of a separate interior designer. Whichever way you choose we’ll work with you to incorporate your selections and create the spaces you are dreaming of. Read on to find out about some ways you’ll benefit from great interior design.


When it comes to interior design, most people first start thinking about the kitchen – how it will look and function, and how it works day to day and for entertaining. Our standard service will include working with you to come up with the best position and layout for your kitchen, and how this integrates with the rest of the house.

The next step is to develop the design so it is ready for construction. We can work with you to select finishes such as stone benchtops, timber veneer cabinetry (or even just laminate finishes if you’re working to a tight budget), and any particular features you wish to integrate (e.g. glass splashbacks, integrated appliances or even a scullery). The completed drawings can then be used by the contractor to obtain competitive prices from several joiners. Alternatively some clients choose to take our basic design to an interior designer or kitchen company who will then come up with a complete package that can be undertaken along with the construction work.


Bathroom styles are constantly changing, and whether you’re looking at a new house or an alteration to your home it’s important to keep abreast of current trends and products. We can help you come up with a modern space that works for you, incorporating features such as level entry frameless glass showers, freestanding baths, undertile heating, mirror demisters and the latest tapware to give you a little bit of luxury each morning.

And don’t forget about performance – successful wet area design is about more than just the latest fittings and finishes. We’ll come up with a detailed specification covering waterproofing, heating and ventilation to control what will be the most demanding internal space within your home.

Colours, finishes and floor coverings

There are many ways to approach selection of finishes within your home – it’s quite a personal decision, and the most important thing is that all the different elements of the house work well together. A good starting point can be to find one key element of the house that is important to you, such as a tile or timber flooring that you can use throughout the living area, and then use that as a basis for selecting other colours, materials and fabrics that can form part of a successful colour scheme for the house.

Some clients enjoy choosing their own colours and finishes, but if you aren’t confident in making these decisions yourself then we’re always available to visit showrooms with you or comment on samples you have collected. And we regularly work together with some of the best interior designers in Christchurch to create unique and beautiful spaces for our clients.

Built-in joinery and bespoke items

We can work with you to design unique items that will personalise your home. Take a look through some of our projects and you’ll see most include examples of custom-made built-in shelving, stair balustrades, entertainment units, fireplaces, light fittings or window seats.  These have been designed as individual pieces with a specific purpose in mind, but they also become standout features of the spaces they occupy. Having a one-off piece of joinery designed for your home is a great way of instantly lifting it to the next level.

Interior Design


It’s easy to underestimate the importance of good lighting – but get it wrong and you’ll soon regret it. We work with several leading lighting designers who can come up with creative solutions to work to your budget and ensure the light levels in each space are spot on. LED downlights are popular of course, but combining them with a range of other fittings such as recessed LED strips, dimmable wall washers and feature pendants will allow you to create the perfect mood in each space at different times of the day.

Wondering where to start?

Call us now to arrange a free consultation to discuss your project – we’ll meet with you in our office or at your home, and you’ll gain a clear understanding of the process we will follow to bring your dream home to life. To help prepare for our meeting you can download our Guide to Writing a Brief which will help us understand exactly what you want from your project.