Julius Terrace House

Redcliffs Renovation
December 5, 2017

Located in the suburb of Richmond on the banks of Dudley Stream, this four bedroom home is nothing short of unique. The Canterbury earthquakes of 2011 damaged the original house, built by Benjamin Oakes Moore for his family in 1913, beyond economic repair. The significant loss of heritage buildings in Christchurch and an understanding of the rich history intertwined in the Julius Terrace property encouraged the owner to resurrect it back to its former glory – as a perfect replica.

Although the house suffered significant damage in the earthquake the structure itself was still standing and relatively safe. This enabled our team to gain access, collect measurements, record details and take photographs. Items such as the stained glass windows and the internal skylight were salvaged for reuse. Other items such as stone mullions and plaster cornices were salvaged to provide templates for replication. From the original measurements we were able to work our way backwards and come up with detailed construction drawings using a combination of traditional and modern construction methods to produce a ground-up replica that is virtually impossible to distinguish from the original.


Master Builders National Craftsmanship Award 2020

Master Builders Special Award 2020

Master Builders Top 100 2020

Master Builders Regional Supreme Winner 2020

Master Builders Regional Craftsmanship Award 2020

Master Builders Regional Category Winner 2020

Master Builders Gold Award 2020

Christchurch Civic Trust Award 2019

Innovation Award 2019, Window and Glass Association NZ