The Role Of Architects: Creating Functional And Inspiring Spaces

All around Christchurch and Aotearoa, you’ll see gorgeous homes that look simply incredible. Innovative buildings that are not only architecturally stunning, but functional perfectly to allow the homeowners to live comfortably in the location they have chosen to call home. However, these buildings can’t be created and enjoyed without the help of talented Christchurch architects.


Architects play a critical role in designing and building inspirational new homes. While you may have some ideas about how your want your new home to look and function, but without the guidance of an experienced Architect you may find that what seemed like the perfect idea doesn’t work as well as you envisaged.

The Surprising Benefits Of Working With Talented, Experienced Architects

A common misconception is that Architects spend most of their time making buildings look beautiful – somewhat superficial, and not necessarily the most important factor to all people.

In fact the main role of a Registered Architect in designing your new home is to work with you to create an environment that give you the freedom to live the way you want to. Of course you’ll want your new building to be visually appealing, but it is equally important that the spaces afford you the comfort, privacy and functionality that you will benefit from every day.

With skilful Christchurch architects, you can have both. This is because working with a talented architect can offer you these outstanding advantages:

They’ll Make Good Use Of Your Space. Building is expensive. The single biggest influence you can have on the construction cost comes right at the start of the project when you decide how large you want your new home to be.

The first thing an Architect will do is work with you to come up with a brief for your project so you can describe everything you want to get out of the project, and which of those are most important to you. They will then use this information to come up with a concept that achieves everything you want, with a layout that is functional and efficient.

Many clients are surprised that the floor area often comes in smaller than they thought they needed. This isn’t by chance, most architects would advocate for a design that is no larger than it needs to be to meet the requirements of your brief.

Creating an efficient layout without wasted space allows you to focus on maximising the quality and performance of your new home. While a larger footprint may be appealing at first, it isn’t a wise move if it means you have to compromise on comfort.

An architect with plenty of experience working with many different properties will know exactly how to use your property in a way that optimises your space.

Site-specific challenges It’s also vital to understand the unique conditions of your site. To perform at its best, your home must be designed in a way that maximises the best features of your site, such as views and sun, and mitigates any challenges such as wind or steepness.

For example, building on a slope can be rather complicated if you’re not sure how to do it. The Port Hills around Christchurch are covered in homes that have balconies that are never used because they are too windy, and rooms that overheat because there is no shade.

Many alteration projects undertaken by architects involve fixing issues such as these in homes that are almost brand new – a very expensive lesson in the importance of getting it right the first time. You’ll need a smart team of builders and Christchurch architects if you want it done right. They’ll ensure your new home is designed in a way that responds appropriately to all the challenges of your site.

You’ll need an innovative architect if you’re building on a challenging site.

They’ll Elevate Your Ideas. You most likely have heaps of amazing ideas for your new home. However, you might have trouble translating those ideas into functional designs yourself. Collecting pictures on Pinterest is a great way to start working out what you like, but they won’t assemble themselves into a functional home that you’ll enjoy living in.

A helpful, skilled architect can discuss your ideas with you. Then, they can use their expertise and creativity to transform your ideas into innovative designs that really work.

An architect can make recommendations by interpreting your brief to understand what is most important to you in your new home,. They will present ideas that you never would have considered yourself so your new home is even better than you imagined it could be.

They’ll Adapt To Unforeseen Changes Or Issues. Any building project will throw up a few surprises from time to time. The key is to ensure that you have the right resources at your disposal so that your project isn’t disrupted by these.

The best way to tackle challenges in a building project is to identify them before they become a problem. Architects prepare thorough and detailed documentation that ensures that the construction work is well thought out. This minimises the number of costly changes that need to occur if problems aren’t identified until work is underway, which can lead to costly delays or rework.

The other way to reduce the impact of surprises is by involving your architect in the construction phase of the project. By attending site meetings an experienced architect can work with the contractor to identify unanticipated problems before they occur. Or they can up with practical solutions when issues are unavoidable.

When you work with the right people, your project should go smoothly and be successful. Experienced Christchurch architects will know what to do, so you can minimise your stress and anxiety should anythihg unanticipated occur.

They’ll Make Sure Everything Is Taken Care Of. It’s very easy to forget certain details or overlook issues if you do not have experience with building projects. There are very strict requirements relating to building consnts, resource consents and construction contracts, and any oversights can lead to serious problems if they’re not dealt with properly.

Experienced architects who have worked on many projects in the past will know what to look out for, and will communicate with your team of builders so that correct processes are followed and everything that needs to happen is completed accurately and on time.

You can let go of your worries and your stress and have peace of mind knowing that everything will be arranged effortlessly. Before you know it, you’ll be stepping into your dream home.

They’ll Ensure Your New Home Is Perfect For You. You deserve a home that’s perfect for you. You can speak to your local team of Christchurch architects about what is uniquely important to you about your new home, whether that be functionality, appearance or even sustainable choices.

At Chaplin Crooks Architects, we follow a straightforward and effective process so that every project we work on ends in success. Our pre-design phase involves gathering all the information we need to understand everything you want in your new home, and what other factors need to be considered to ensure the project is a success.

We won’t just create a visually stunning building; we’ll make a house that you’ll truly be proud to call your home.

How You Can Ensure Your New Home Is Absolutely Perfect

We at Chaplin Crooks Architects would love to speak with you if you’re interested in having a marvellous new home built. Our Christchurch architects are passionate about high quality architectural design, and we’d be glad to collaborate with you to create something special.

Our core services include several stages of design and documentation work to prepare the project for building consent and construction, and we can then assist you with obtaining a price from one or more contractors, and preparing and administering the construction contract. We also provide a range of other services including home alterations, green home design, interior design, resource consent applications and more.

If you’d like to speak with us, please call us on 03 384 9602.

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